The North Frisian Emigrant-Archive

The beginnings of North Frisian emigration overseas are hidden in the early 17th century. During this period seamen from North Frisia came on dutch vessels to New Amsterdam - a place later called New York. But the 19th century has become the century of mass migration in Europe as well as in North Frisia. Nowadays there can hardly be found a native family in North Frisia that has no relatives or ancestors somewhere overseas.

Centrally located in a region in Schleswig-Holstein from where emigration to America was once a major factor, the Nordfriisk Instituut founded the North Frisian Emigrant-Archive in 1994. It has taken on the responsibility to expand the knowledge of the emigration period through research, lectures, publications, travel and congresses.

Thousands of North Frisians crossed the oceans in the last nearly 400 years to an unknown New World, and many found a new home overseas. The databank of the North Frisian Emigrant-Archive contains already information of approximately 5000 emigrants from North Frisia and the north-western part of the former duchy Schleswig, now a part of Denmark. We will be happy to help you in your search for emigrated family members, of whom you seek information. Perhaps their names are already included in our growing databank.